Our Urdu online distance education program

The Bible gives us a vision and a mandate for all nations on our planet.  This is seen in God’s view of a future situation when:

Instruction will go out from me; my justice will become a light to the nations.  (Isaiah 51:4)

In light of this Perth-Andover Baptist Church has developed an online distance education curriculum in Urdu that provides an overview of the Biblical narrative as a chronological study, each webpage building on the previous article to help the reader get information and understand the biblical story.  The education curriculum also has a FAQ section to help address possible mis-understandings.  We chose Urdu as our adopted language since we have a partnering relationship with native Urdu speakers who are working on the curriculum.  This online educational tool can be accessed at http://urdu.al-injil.info/.

Countries we operate in

Though accessible anywhere in the world, being an Urdu-language information/educational tool we invest in reaching Urdu-speakers.  Specifically, these countries are:

  • Canada, USA, UK (where an Urdu-speaking diaspora exists in these anglo countries)
  • UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, & Gulf states (where an Urdu-speaking diaspora exists in these arabic countries)
  • India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh (where Urdu-speakers primarily reside)