Welcome to Perth-Andover Baptist Church

We are a friendly community of imperfect people who love Jesus. We aim to offer high-quality programs and services to families and peoples of all ages. We see our greatest strength being our people. People at Perth-Andover Baptist really love one another. We are generous to the core. We reach out to each other through times of crisis. We laugh and learn together every week.

And if you look closer, our love for each other stems from what we believe.  We believe in God’s power to forgive and to heal. We believe in the timeless truth and wisdom of God’s Word. We believe in the mission of Jesus to love and serve, both locally and far away to the remote nations – the most exciting purpose on the planet.

Is there a Church family that you call home? We would love to welcome you into ours.

Please see the local programs and services we offer to the Perth-Andover community.  You are also welcome to browse our online educational program that we offer to Urdu-speakers that share this planet with us.